Innovation Mindset

Affinity Innovations, LLC (Affinity) fosters a corporate culture that emphasizes innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset in every aspect of our joint venture partners’ respective company histories. We embrace innovation in all technical or process solutions as defined below:

“Innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a product or service that creates value for Today’s Warfighter by accelerating attainment of new information system capabilities and services. The innovation must be deployed in support of the warfighter or USG customer with a real-world deployment, where this innovation is put into practical use to enhance warfighter capabilities. Our definition of innovation requires that an idea is replicable at an economical cost, while improving the legacy outcome or technology efficiencies with an outcome that satisfies a defined need of the Warfighter or the Warfighter’s direct support agencies. The practical outcomes of innovation must enhance and improve the current support to the warfighter. This includes any new technology, processes or methods, including research and development or new application of an existing technology, processes, or methods.”

Zaminah D. Williams

Managing Venturer

Zaminah Williams is the President/CEO of Onyx Consulting Services, LLC. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park and her Master of Business Administration at Loyola University. Her experience and education led her to create Onyx Consulting Services, LLC in 2007. During this journey she has managed every aspect of her business from start-up. She has developed and executed strategic business planning, strategic finance, corporate strategy development and financing, organizational design, recruiting, operations, HR management, industrial security, and market strategy and research. Identifying and acquiring new business and managing all aspects of the project management lifecycle from scope of work through provision of deliverables, follow-up, and relationship management for every client. Zaminah is also a proud graduate of Leadership Maryland, Class of 2022.

Zaminah is focused on making Onyx a recognized, best of breed service provider to the Department of Defense. Onyx has served the Department of Defense for over 16 years and successfully led prime contracts for the intel community, Marine Corp, JFHQ, DISA, DAU and DTRA. Onyx has also provided services to the Department of Justice and the Civil Sector to include the DEA, FBI, USDA, and FDA. Some of the companies that Onyx has formed partnerships with are Google, Leidos, Verizon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. Zaminah is always seeking new ways to provide value to Onyx customers. Onyx’s methodology is understanding the customer’s needs, the criteria for success and ensuring that Onyx’s workforce is both adequately trained and prepared to meet and/or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Bob Donahue

President & Chief Executive Officer

Bob Donahue, Jr. is President and Founder of By Light. Bob’s in-depth expertise in the Government Telecommunication Sector has been the driving force behind the rapid growth of the company. Prior to starting By Light, Bob served as an active Duty Army Officer with extensive real world experience in both tactical and strategic communication units. His last assignment was as Program Manager for the DISN Expansion Program (DEP) at DISA, delivering critical infrastructure to the Department of Defense. Bob has an M.S. in Telecommunications and a B.S. in Computer Science. Military qualifications include the Master Parachutist Badge and Ranger Tab.